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3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Summer Scarves

3 Easy Ways to Decorate with Summer Scarves
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One of the easiest (and most inexpensive) ways to transform your home from spring to summer is to reuse accents you already own in inventive ways. A light and breezy summer scarf is the perfect accessory to turn any area of your home into a bright and airy oasis. Take a peak at these three ideas for decorating with summer scarves.

Fit-to-be-Tied Pillows

Pillows artfully tied with beautiful striped scarves in muted tones will bring a laid-back elegance wherever your toss them. Simply fold and twist to recreate each of these three looks.

Look One:
For all three looks we used rectangular pillows that were roughly 12 by 17 inches. Begin by wrapping your scarf around the pillow so that you have a long scarf end trailing off from each short side of the pillow. Fold the short sides of the scarf around the pillow so that they overlap along the center of the pillow.

To finish, bring the two long ends together in the center of the pillow, and knot them to conceal the overlapping edges.

Look Two:
For this pillow, begin the same way as Look 1. Rather than knotting the long ends in the front, wrap them around one another so that the excess fabric can be tied in the back.

Even the reverse side of this one looks chic!

Look Three:
To create this twisted and cinched pillow, follow the same steps as in Look 2. After you wrap the long ends around one another, twist the ends of the scarf to give them a ropelike look.

Next, carefully flip the pillow over and intertwine the twisted ends.

To finish, flip the pillow back over and tie the twisted ends to the back, cinching the body of the pillow to a desired shape.

Breezy Café Curtain

A quick way to lighten up a room for the season is to swap out your window treatments. I transformed this light and airy ombré scarf into a café curtain using drape clips. The sheer material lets the light in while still blocking the view from the outside.

I used two cup hooks on either side of the window and white rope to hang my café curtain. The rope adds to the relaxed vibe of the look. To achieve the desired length and to add detail at the top of the curtain, I folded over the top of the scarf before clipping the drape hooks in place.

Resources: Drape clips from Bead Bath and Beyond. Rope from Cup


Easygoing Table Runner

A fringed scarf can moonlight as a romantic table runner. I love this look for summer because it feels considered and relaxed at the same time.

There you have it: one, two, three simple ways to infuse warm-weather style using that trusty summer accessory… So go ahead, tie one on.

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