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The Secrets to Hosting a Stunning Spring Gathering

The Secrets to Hosting a Stunning Spring Gathering
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With the official start of spring and the effects of daylight savings starting to be more noticeable, we’re so ready to get back outside and savor the new season.  Whether your calendar includes hosting an Easter luncheon or just having friends over to partake of some farmers’-market bounty, channel the spirit of springtime with a simple yet stunning table setting.

See-Through Centerpiece

Spring is the time to lighten up and brighten up your home, and one easy way to embrace this when entertaining is to turn to transparent pieces when setting your table. A collection of clear glass candlesticks in varying heights can be used in abundance down the center of the table while keeping the overall feeling light and airy. Don’t be afraid to do a fun mix of high and low—because they’re all made of the same material, the look will still be cohesive.

Pared-Down Palette

Choosing one color, such as pea green, and pairing it with white and clear pieces for each place setting will create that unfussy, breezy feeling you want, even when you’re breaking out your best cut crystal. Take this same approach when it comes to your flowers. Decide on just one type of gorgeous spring bloom (we used yellow mimosas), and arranged them casually down the center of the table, letting the stems stay a bit loose and wild.

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Bring the Indoors Out

This is the time of year when the lines between indoor and outdoor really start to blur. A garden stool may live indoors during the winter, but this is the time to bring it outside as an extra surface for trays or flower arrangements that need to make way for food. If the weather hasn’t quite warmed up as much as you’d like, be sure to have a few of those cozy winter throws on hand to offer guests.


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  1. AnA says:

    Ahh the sight of summer ……………….

  2. I love the white wicker dining set, especially with the bright green and yellow table setting!

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