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New Twists on the Holiday Card Display

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Entryway Embellishment

Creating a spot in your front entry makes sorting through holiday cards as easy as open, read, and hang. (Extra credit for having a wastebasket close at hand for those unwanted envelopes.) Plus, it’s the perfect spot to hang outgoing greetings so that they’re easy to grab on your way out.

How to make it: Secure a string of lights (white cord for light walls, green for darker walls) with tiny nails or tacks, and cover up the nails using bits of festive ribbon. Look for fancy paper clips at your local stationery store.

Evolving Artwork

Why not turn those beautiful holiday cards into a piece of art you can display this season and for years to come? Pin cards and notes to create a personal collage you can add to next year—unless you decide to start all over again, that is.

How to make it: Outfit a new or vintage frame with a piece of foam-core board that’s been covered in wrapping paper, and secure cards using small T-pins.

Living Garland

A simple length of twine or ribbon hung across a mantel, a mirror, or a window is a way to capture your favorite memories of the season, and cards are just the beginning. Anything from special ornaments to photos to greenery is fair game. Kids will love lending a hand to this ever-growing garland.

How to make it: Secure your twine or ribbon, and use dressed-up clothespins to hold cards in place.

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