Four Ways to Keep Kids Organized

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Basket Case

Store toys, books, blocks, and the like in cute baskets tagged with their contents. This helps keep things organized and shows kids exactly where their toys go.

Vase Value

Repurpose some of your old vases with chalk labels. Use them to hold all the necessary craft items like pencils, markers, pens or crayons. Color code them for extra design points.

Shelf Reliance

Simple shelves—whether built-ins or bookcases—can act as an ever-changing gallery of your tots’ favorite things (school projects, books, figurines—you name it). Let them curate it; it’s one less pile for you!

Hide & Seek

Unexpected storage items—vases for hair accessories, vintage trunks for stuffed animals—work wonders in kids’ rooms. There’s no reason they can’t be as stylish as the rest of your home.

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