How to Create a Champagne Tower

How to Create a Champagne Tower

A champagne tower is a surefire way to make a special occasion feel more special. And while such towers look impressive, they’re not all that difficult to create.

What you’ll need:
Champagne coupes  (all your coupes should be identical)


1. Stack your tower, making sure that each glass touches the adjacent glass. You want to create a diamond-shape gap between them.

2. Keep in mind that each layer will be one glass shorter in both directions than the previous. Our first row was three by three glasses.

3. When stacking the next layer, position the center of the base directly over the diamond-shape gap. Continue until you have only one glass.

4. Pour champagne into the top glass slowly until all of the glasses are full.

Tips: Fewer glasses will yield a higher success rate. And for extra panache, tie ribbons around the stems of the coupes.


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