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5 Ways to Brighten Your Home with Floor Mirrors

Grand in scale, floor mirrors can add serious wow factor to a space—not to mention solve a few design dilemmas along the way. Whether resting on the floor as designed or hung on the wall, these showstopping pieces harness the power of light to transform your space. Read on for a few of our favorite examples.

Lean In

A floor mirror with a wide, ornate frame can stand alone. Detailed with rococo flourishes, this one adds a bit of drama to a bare living room wall. We love how the casual lean creates an unexpectedly luxe effect.

For the boldest look, choose a frame color that contrasts with your wall, such as the pairing of chalky white and soft gray here. Or pick a bold metallic, which is sure to pop against any hue.

Try the Layered Look

Leaning a floor mirror behind a piece of furniture is a classic decorator trick. Not only is this method easier (and more renter-friendly) than hanging the mirror above the furniture, but it also gives a room a beautiful layered look while majorly amplifying light.

Choose a mirror frame that closely matches that of the furniture piece in front, as with these wood tones, or mix it up for a more striking look. Either way, the setup is guaranteed to make your room feel instantly more expansive.


Create Character

The stately scale of a floor mirror is great for faking architectural character where none exists. In this room, for instance, dark wood beams and baseboards frame a wide expanse of empty wall. A large floor mirror with a wood frame in a similar tone fills the space well while creating the illusion of a grand arched opening in the wall, with another room beyond.

Make It Seamless

Alternately, a floor mirror can become part of a room’s existing architecture, enhancing what’s already there and adding beautiful depth. This frameless mirror, tucked behind an antique trunk and hung flush with the ceiling, blends right into the surrounding bookshelves. The impact is twofold: Not only does the mirror give the eye a spot to rest amid the pattern-rich decor, but the placement also makes the ceiling appear even taller.

Double Up

Have a large empty wall to fill? A pair of floor mirrors leaned side by side will open up the space dramatically. Consider mirrors with a decorative overlay that mimics a garden lattice (as shown above) or the pattern of window mullions—a subtle visual trick to make any room appear connected to the outdoors.

These pieces are especially useful in small spaces. Windowless dining nook? Lean a windowpane-style mirror (or two) opposite the table and flank it with potted plants for an instantly brighter view.

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