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How to Create DIY Leather Drawer Pulls

How to Create DIY Leather Drawer Pulls
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When One Kings Lane stylists Anthony Santelli and Drew Welsh gave Drew’s pint-size NYC apartment a major makeover, they incorporated a number of DIY solutions to maximize storage and functionality. This project, on the other hand, was all about style. To give a simple thrifted dresser a bit of modern-meets-organic edge, they created a set of leather loop drawer pulls detailed with brass hardware. Keep reading for their step-by-step guide to this simple yet transformative DIY.

What You’ll Need

Leather strap in desired color and width
– Brass binding barrel and screw (such as this one) for each pull
– X-Acto knife and cutting mat
– Metal ruler
– Drill and ¼-inch drill bit
– Cotton rag
– Strong craft glue (Magna-Tac or similar)

Step 1: Measure

Determine how many pulls you’ll need for each drawer and how long you’d like each pull to be. Remember the leather will be folded into a loop—so if you want to make a 3.5-inch drawer pull (as we did) you’ll need a 7-inch leather strip.

Step 2: Cut

Place the leather strap onto the cutting mat. Mark the strap lightly with a pencil where you plan to cut, then use the metal ruler as a guide to cut straight across the leather with the X-Acto knife. Repeat with the following strips.

Step 3: Polish

Using a damp cotton rag, gently burnish the edges of the leather strip to remove any burrs and create a light polish. (If you prefer a more finished look, use leather wax to give the edges a deeper shine).

Step 4: Drill

Fold one of the leather straps in half, making sure the top edges are lined up. Mark an X in the center of the strap, ½-inch down from the cut edges. Position the folded leather on a scrap block of wood, then slowly drill a hole through both layers of leather, making sure the top edges stay aligned.

Test the hole to see if it’s flexible enough to accommodate the hardware with a snug fit; you may need to repeat the drilling process to loosen up the leather.

Step 5: Glue and Finish

Secure the ends of the folded leather strip with a dot of glue. Pinch the ends together until the glue sets, then push the hardware through the hole.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the remaining leather strips. Allow glue to dry thoroughly before installing the drawer pulls.

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