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Six More Ideas to Steal, #myOKLstyle

Since you asked, we’re back with more “Ideas to Steal.” Below are a few inspiring spaces we found on Instagram, along with ways you can incorporate into your home some of what makes them special.

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The space: The entryway of Cait Bertolon, aka @patternme_pretty

Why we love it: This is one hardworking little space. There’s an antique dresser for maximum storage, the Jeffrey Porthole Wall Mirror so you can check your reflection before heading out, and a little lamp to leave on so that you don’t enter a dark house at night. We also like that gold is used in moderation—it could have been tempting to choose a gold lamp or planter, but not doing so avoids having too much of a good thing. 

Idea to steal: The obvious one is to consider adding a dresser anywhere you need storage, not just in a bedroom. But then there’s also the use of a faux orchid rather than a real one in a foyer or other space that’s subject to temperature fluctuations; live orchids can be rather finicky.

The space: A family room designed by Shasta Snell Mitchell

Why we love it: Brown paneling and leather furniture dominated this room before Shasta brightened things up. The floral upholstery on the back of the bucket swivel chairs inspired the direction of the redesign; the Margot Velvet Sofa in Moss Green picks up the green in the fabric. Though the palette is light, the classic silhouettes maintain a sense of traditional elegance. Find a similar chandelier here

Idea to steal: There’s room for the unexpected even in a traditional space. Here, the tiger-stripe lumbar pillow provides that just.

The space: A living area by House West Design  

Why we love it: Straight lines and right angles typically dominate rooms. The rounded shape of the Tranquility Serenity Curved-Back Sofa and the exaggerated curves of the hexagonal side table counteract any boxiness, as does angling the sofa between the windows rather than placing it flush against a wall—in effect eliminating a right angle and optimizing the fabulous views. 

Idea to steal: Performance-fabric upholstery, like this sofa’s Crypton fabric, is essential for furniture consistently exposed to sunlight: In addition to being stain resistant, it’s much less likely to fade or yellow from UV rays.

Photo by @hellobrivail. ⁠

Photo by @hellobrivail. ⁠

The space: A dining room by Lauren Evans 

Why we love it: Quiet drama seems like an oxymoronic phrase, but this room has it in spades. The dark blue-green walls and the Talia Large Glass Chandelier provide the drama; the clean lines (and stain-resistant upholstery) of the Aimee Cane Dining Side Chairs keep the space rooted in everyday livability.

Idea to steal: If you’re wary of dark walls, test out the color by “painting huge swatches on primed-out walls—don’t paint over or around other colors,” Lauren suggests. “You’ll find that that big bold scary color gets less scary and more beautiful!” 

The space: A dining area by Kacy Ellis 

Why we love it: We’ve written about the recent resurgence of brown as a hero color in a room, and here you see how to make it work without its feeling heavy or drab. Spotlighting multiple textures is key. The Revival Leather Chairs alone feature leather, wood, and gleaming chrome. There’s also stone, raffia, and concrete, in tones ranging from off-white to nearly black. 

Idea to steal: Between the dining chairs and the counter stools, this space could have gotten too “leggy.” With just two substantial pedestals in lieu of multiple legs, the brutalist-inspired dining table mitigates that. Find a similar table here

Photo by @brittanyambridge.

The space: Designer Chrissy Ritter‘s bedroom  

Why we love it: Chrissy has a nightstand on one side of her four-poster bed; on the other is this Lena Writing Desk so that the room can pull double duty as a work space as well. (She lives in Manhattan, where every square inch counts.) The bed’s posters and rails subtly separate the work nook from the sleeping area, and the desk’s drawers and boxes keep business essentials out of site when not in use. Find a similar chair here

Idea to steal: A glossy sky-blue ceiling like this one opens up a room and makes the most of all available light. 


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