The Chicest Way to Celebrate Bastille Day

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Champagne, Saint Laurent, toile de Jouy… We admit it: We easily fall for quintessentially French things. And who doesn’t love macarons? Decadent and girly, their superthin shell belies a pillow-soft interior that’s part marshmallow, part buttercream, and all yum. So why not make like Marie Antoinette and let them eat cake tonight?

To recreate our nouveau take on this ultimate confection, start with the following:

  • 1 frosted cake
  • An assortment of macarons in ombré colors (enough to cover your cake)


1. Adhere macarons to the top and sides of your cake to cover the entire surface area. If needed, you can easily halve your cookies with a knife to fit.

2.  Top with sparkler candles, light, and voilà!

Note: You can also use toothpicks, inserted into the sides of your cake at an upward angle, to better adhere the macarons

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3 responses to “The Chicest Way to Celebrate Bastille Day”

  1. Jeremy says:

    … so we’ve really widened the definition of recipe then

  2. helenoftroy says:

    This is like those “recipes” for French onion soup that begin with a packet of Liptons, crustless white bread and slices of American cheese…

  3. Sally Nadison says:

    This looks lovely but shouldn’t be called a “recipe” my any means! Also, they are macarons, not macaroons.. two completely different desserts!

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