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Four Foolproof Floral Arrangements

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A gorgeous vase full of flowers is the quickest (and most fragrant) way to update a room, but where to begin? “The kind of vase and flowers you choose depends on the mood you want to convey,” says Sarah Ryhanen of Saipua, a farm and creative studio in Esperance, NY. “Do you want to make the living room feel more elegant or give the kitchen a rustic feel?” Here, Sarah shows how to create arrangements for every vibe.

Bedroom Beauty

Everything about this arrangement says romance. “The curvaceous lines of the vase with the soft palette and wild texture of the flowers are so lovely for a bedroom,” says Sarah. “Plus, having jasmine next to your pillow is pure aromatherapy.” Along with jasmine, this arrangement features silvery and feathery artemisia, fluttery Northern sea oats, pink-tinged snowberry, foxtail millet, and versatile protea.

Kitchen Bounty

“In a casual space like the kitchen,” says Sarah, “an arrangement should be really approachable—nothing fussy.” Set in a chic but familiar pitcher, the rustic mix of hearty herbs and edible marigolds is completely at home on the table. And you can pull from this arrangement to spice up your meal!

Foyer Drama

“A grand vase deserves a grand gesture,” says Sarah. Wild branches and plumes of fiery amaranthus are just the thing to complement this statuesque painted urn. “Since foyer arrangements are viewed at a distance and are one of the first things guests see when they walk in, it’s the place to go bold.” This hearty group will last for weeks on end; change out the zinnias to keep it extra fresh.

Living Room Luxe

“When using a fancier vase, I like to keep the arrangement on the natural side,” says Sarah, who adds that in a narrower vase, less is more. A handful of wild feather grass, textural cockscomb, and soft roses are the perfect balance to the elegant cut crystal.

Quick Tips to Keep Flowers Fresh

  • Cut stems at a 45-degree angle for maximum water absorption.
  • Pull off any bruised petals.
  • Remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline.
  • Change the vase’s water every other day.
  • Keep flowers away from the heat—from both the sun and appliances.
  • Spritz your flowers with water from time to time; they like to drink from the petals as well as from the stems.

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