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Erin Gates Talks Rugs, Rooms, and More

Erin Gates Talks Rugs, Rooms, and More
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When interior designer Erin Gates set out to create her first rug collection, she found inspiration in both past and present—looking to patterns found in antique textiles and considering which styles her savvy clients are drawn to most. The Boston-based designer, who is also a best-selling author and the voice behind beloved blog Elements of Style, partnered with Momeni Rugs on her versatile collection, which includes colorful flat-weaves and earthy jutes. Read our Q&A with Erin below, then shop her gorgeous designs here.

Interior designer and author Erin Gates, who also pens the popular design blog Elements of Style. Photo courtesy of Erin Gates Design.

Interior designer and author Erin Gates, who also pens the popular design blog Elements of Style. Photo courtesy of Erin Gates Design.

One Kings Lane: Why did you want to design a rug collection?
Erin Gates: As a designer and blogger I often notice gaps in the marketplace, and affordable but well-made rugs was one of them. I wanted to create a classic collection that really worked with a variety of decor styles but also at an affordable price point.

OKL: What considerations were most important to you?
EG: Quality is always the most important thing to me when creating products, but also timeless style. I did not want to do anything supertrendy or crazy, but I did want to interpret some classical designs, like the Indian dhurrie and the Gabbeh, into more modern applications.

OKL: Do you have a favorite style in the collection?
EG: I love the high/low construction of the Prince rug—I think it’s unique and yet still very easy to work into your decor. 

OKL: How do you like to decorate with rugs in your own home and in your work?
EG: I am a big fan of layering rugs, which is why I made sure to have an amazing jute in the collection—I always use those as a base and then layer a smaller patterned rug on top. It’s a great way to bring pattern and color into a space without having to commit in a big way.

OKL: How do you choose the right rug material for a space?
EG: It depends on who lives in your house and your lifestyle. If you have kids and pets you’ll want to make sure the rugs you use are cleanable or made of an indoor/outdoor material, like my Beacon, Congress, and Pleasant rugs. If looking for more texture than pattern, choose something with a pile or a woven construction to add depth to your decor.

OKL: When designing a space for a client, when does the rug come into the process?
EG: Every room and client is different. If we know we want to make a statement with the rug, we’ll choose that first along with a wall color, usually. But most often I find we choose the rug in the middle of the design process—it needs to coordinate with the fabrics and pieces in the room, and even when simple, it shouldn’t be overlooked.

OKL: What’s one mistake you often see people make when decorating with rugs?
EG: They buy their rugs too small! Rugs should be big enough that most of the furniture sits on it—if not all four legs, at least two. Smaller rugs make a room look smaller and busier; larger rugs make them feel more open and large. This is why I often start with a large, inexpensive jute rug and then layer a smaller, more expensive rug on top—works better for tighter budgets!


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