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The Making of Our Exclusive Fall Art Edit

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We know finding the perfect piece of art for your space isn’t always easy. To help you in the hunt, we create seasonal edits of exclusive prints in a variety of subjects—bold geometrics, flora and fauna motifs, lush landscapes—all beautifully framed and ready to hang. Shop our newest exclusive collection here, then read on to see how it all came together.

The Inspiration

Our art buyers are always on the lookout for what’s next, whether they’re strolling the world’s top art markets or poring over books of antique botanical prints. To curate each new collection, they rely on two main sources of inspiration:

Seasonal and market trends. Our team attends art fairs large and small to scope out what’s on the horizon, taking note of any palettes, motifs, or styles they love. They also identify trends across the design industry as a whole, whether it’s a certain textile that’s about to be everywhere or a juxtaposition of materials that feels particularly fresh.

But a focus on trends doesn’t mean these artworks are trendy. We take what’s happening in the design world and put it through our own filter, creating classic pieces with a twist—think a chinoiserie landscape with a vivid pink backdrop or a botanical rendered as a graphic pattern.

Customer feedback. You ask, we listen: From artwork in pairs to prints in special sizes, we take care to include your most sought-after specifications in our collections. And because one style doesn’t fit all, there’s a wide range of styles and subjects to choose from.

The Details

When developing each art edit, we put careful thought into every step of the process. We begin by choosing the material that best suits each print (textured canvas, smooth vellum paper), then hand-apply paint and gold leaf for a one-of-a-kind allure. Finally, we select mats and frames that complement each work perfectly. The result is art you won’t find anywhere else.

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