Tidy Up Your Garage with These Six Tricks

Tidy Up Your Garage with These Six Tricks
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Gardening gear, tools, bikes—the garage is where we stockpile all sorts of stuff. Clear out room for the car (can you imagine?) and make the rest of your space efficient with these handy tips and our equally handy helpers.

Hang Tight

Get things out of the toolbox and onto the wall with a peg board. Keeping tools arranged this way makes for easy access and safer handling, and it creates visual impact where it’s least expected.

Keep It Clean

The kitchen isn’t the only space where you could use a paper-towel holder. Here, we installed one in a garage work space and placed the trash bin nearby to make cleaning up a snap.

Pick a Pocket

The odds and ends we store in a garage can quickly become a mess, so our genius stylist thought up this trick: Use a shoe organizer to corral everything from garbage bags to paint supplies.

High & Dry

We’ve reinvented the magnetic knife rack as a smart way to store paintbrushes. You can attach brushes of various sizes via their metal bands—perfect for letting them dry after use.

Instant Messages

Window boxes and other containers with hanging hardware offer up a good-looking way to get organized. We used adhesive letters to create labels so that the whole family knows what goes where.

Put It to Task

Detailed jobs require proper light, especially in a darker space like the garage. Consider a task lamp, which has an adjustable arm so that you can cast light exactly where needed.

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