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Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our Mother’s Day Gift Guide
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Unsure what to give the women in your life for Mother’s Day? We’ve pulled together some of our favorite buys, filtered through the lens of our style profiles: New Traditionalist, Eclectic, Naturalist, and Curator. If you aren’t sure what her style is, check out our guide, then shop the gifts below.

Photo by Joe Schmelzer; design by Mark D. Sikes.

Photo by Joe Schmelzer; design by Mark D. Sikes.

For the New Traditionalist…

The New Traditionalist loves all things classic and elegant. She takes fashion inspiration from women like Kate Middleton, Reese Witherspoon, and Nancy Meyers. For Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong giving her floral jewelry, classic leather totes, and other timeless items.

Picks for the New Traditionalists

  1. Rae Drop Earrings from Mignonne Gavigan: Flowers, beads, blue and white—classics all, given a fresh spin.
  2. Sterling-Silver Picture Frame: Crafted in Italy, this silver frame epitomizes timeless.
  3. Leather + Canvas Tote: This canvas-and-leather bag will be just as stylish 20 years from now as it is today.
  4. Chinoiserie Teapot: Because New Traditionalists know that every room can benefit from at least a dash of chinoiserie chic.
  5. Hamptons Gardens from Assouline: Books are the gifts that keep on giving, especially when they’re as visually stunning as this one.

For the Eclectic…

The Eclectic is all about the mix. She loves time-honored silhouettes and funky patterns and draws inspiration from Wes Anderson and Iris Apfel alike. For Mother’s Day, give her something that straddles the line between classic and quirky.

Picks for the Eclectic

  1. Winged Beetle Jewelry Box: A labradorite cabochon makes the sparkling beetle that adorns this golden box quite glamorous (honest!).
  2. Colorful Tasseled Scarf: Two floral patterns plus a profusion of red and blue tassels equals a fun (even flirty) silk scarf.
  3. Pink Ikat Ottoman: The oversize ikat pattern and the plush material set apart this Kim Salmela ottoman, handcrafted in the USA.
  4. Polka Dot Plant II by Kate Roebuck: What’s black and white and charming all over? This whimsical print!
  5. Manala Candle: The colorful raffia cozy covering this hand-poured candle only hints at the vibrancy of its floral fragrance.
Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Photo by David Tsay.

Photo by David Tsay.

For the Naturalist…

The Naturalist is all about simple color palettes and organic textures—leather, rattan, wood, sisal. Ulla Johnson and Jenni Kayne direct her style choices. If easygoing California style sounds like your mother’s vibe, these are the picks for her.

Picks for the Naturalist

  1. Envelope Leather Bag: Made of supple leather, this laptop or tablet protector proves the elegance of simplicity.
  2. Vintage Hermès Leather Earrings: These triangular earrings don’t boast an Hermès label; rather, the pure quality speaks for itself.
  3. Brass Watering Canister: Because she deserves something much lovelier than a plastic watering can.
  4. Trio of Bone-Inlay Boxes: Diamonds crafted of bone and wood ensure that these boxes are as beautiful as any treasures they might hold.
  5. Alpaca-Blend Throw: Woven primarily of sumptuous (and eco-friendly) alpaca wool, this throw is the ultimate in pampering.

For the Curator…

As the name suggests, the Curator is all about quality. Inspired by Solange Knowles and Tom Ford, she surrounds herself with modern lines, clean colors, and an unmistakable sense of luxury.

Picks for the Curator

  1. Halcyon by Michelle Armas: Bright, bold, with flashes of gold—if the Curator were an abstract artwork, she would be this.
  2. Diamond Ring by Shana Gulati: Sliced raw and champagne diamonds make this handcrafted ring a showstopper.
  3. Gold Tic-Tac-Toe Set: Who knew the childhood game could become so chic?
  4. Vintage Reversible Hermès Belt: Black on one side, tan on the other, with a substantial H buckle, this belt defines modern luxury.
  5. Vintage Chanel Oversize Cross Necklace: This necklace from the Paris house’s Lagerfeld years could only be Chanel.
Photo by Joe Schmelzer.

Photo by Joe Schmelzer.

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