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Meet the Artist Putting a Colorful Twist on Portraiture

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Capturing the beauty of the natural world—whether it’s a bouquet of lush flowers, a herd of Texas longhorns, or a powerful female form—in washes of captivating color, the work of artist Hayley Mitchell is instantly recognizable. And it’s gaining well-deserved attention from the design community, thanks in part to the power of Instagram.

We chatted with the artist, who lives in Austin, TX, with her husband and four young children, about her inspirations, her daily routines, and how she balances creative work with family life. Read the interview below, then shop our collection of Hayley’s vibrant prints here.

Ka’iuliani by Hayley Mitchell.

Ka’iuliani by Hayley Mitchell.

One Kings Lane: How would you describe your style?

Hayley Mitchell: My style is definitely Post-Impressionistic and Cubist-inspired.

What’s your daily routine?

Mornings are spent lazily snuggling my youngest two and caffeinating. I start working at 10 and often work until 3 in the afternoon, breaking for dinner and to help with homework and getting littles off to bed. Once the kids are in bed I go back to work and often stay up late working on my latest obsession.

What is your creative space like?

My studio space is the front rooms of my home. It is a light-filled space that allows me privacy to work but still feels open and connected to the rest of my home.

How did you turn your passion for art into a career?

Since childhood I’ve dreamt of being an artist. I studied graphic design, as I thought it would be a more practical application of my skill set. I’m naturally a shy person, so sharing my work was a scary prospect. I began to share my work on social media, and it really grew from there—social media was the platform that launched my career.

How do you balance family and creative work?

My work and family life are very integrated. I always want to be accessible to my children. There are days where the arrangement works blissfully and days when it does not. I believe it is vital for them to see me doing what I am passionate about and to be a part of it. It is an interesting dichotomy because they often impede my creative work, but at the same time they also inspire my work.

Four Bathers by Hayley Mitchell.

Four Bathers by Hayley Mitchell.

Butterflies I by Hayley Mitchell.

Butterflies I by Hayley Mitchell.

Where do you turn for inspiration?

Travel, museums, history, interior design books, nature… The list could go on forever. It is always inspiring to see what others have given to the world and what the world has given us.

What’s your go-to cure for artist’s block?

When I get stuck, I like to take it as an opportunity to learn and explore. Immersing myself in old sketchbooks or art books, reading, or visiting a museum is therapeutic and inspiring.

How has living in Austin influenced your work?

I think Texas as a whole has definitely shaped my work. From the Gulf Coast beaches to West Texas ranches, the various landscapes of Texas have had a profound influence.

What do you hope that viewers take away from your work?

I hope viewers derive a sense of joy from my work. Whether it’s a painting of longhorns or bathers, I love when viewers can attach their own sentimental memories to the painting.

Longhorns by Hayley Mitchell.

Longhorns by Hayley Mitchell.

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